This Edition We Have Michaela

This Edition We Have Meilin
February 27, 2017
This Edition We Have Leandra & Loran
February 27, 2017


This edition we have Michaela : “ I came alone all the way from Austria to Indonesia. The MTC family gave me a really warm welcome. At first sight the MTC Saturdays seemed a bit chaotic, but seeing the kids playing and eating together with their families and friends, creates a really warm and inspiring atmosphere.

Living in Bali as a child with special needs is hard due to lack of resources. It’s impressive to see how the families handle their daily life and how MTC supports them by offering the chance to get therapy for the kids and talk to other families in similar situations. It is very important for the kids to get therapies, since they are in an age, where they can improve fast and this is how we can help them manage their daily life. To foster the children’s strengths and to support their process I created a home exercise program and gave instructions to their parents.

They were thankful for it. I know that they really trust us therapists. As an occupational therapist, I recommend them to have faith in their own skills as well. They are more connected to their kids than anybody else can be, so with a little help they can be wonderful therapists for their children . I’ll always remember my time with MTC and the kids. Seeing the improvements of the children during the 6 weeks I spent with them made me really happy and proud. But nothing could be more beautiful than watching the kids being proud of their own process. Even though I don’t know Balinese the way of finding a connection base with the kids was really impressive. I love thinking back to my time with MTC and the unique experience I could collect there. That’s why I want to say thank you so much to you all for enabling this awesome experience.

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