About Foundation

We Are a non-profit organization created to enhance the daily lives of children and families affected by physical and mental disabilities.

Our Story

The organization provides children with one-on-one therapeutic progress plans as well as physical, mental and social activities in order to improve their motor skills and increase their independence in as many aspects as possible.

As a centre We continually expand our programs to strengthen all aspect of mind, body and soul in the healing process. We currently include in our therapy program Holistic Healing Therapy which specifically targets children with special needs.We also felt the desire to give something more to the families. We are creating sessions during our Happy Therapy Day for the Mothers to be able to unwind, exercise, stretch to have the opportunity for some self time.

Energizing them with sports and yoga. We strive to make this a home away from home, a safe haven of love, care and healing for children with disabilities. Aside from physical therapy there are many activities the children take part in from arts to music to cognitive exercises, which we call the “Happy Therapy Day”. We need your help to maintain as well as expand our programs.

Editor’s note: You can raise awareness and help us receive funds by buying original artwork as well as souvenirs such as keychains made by the children that will be on sale during special events.



In 2009 A Teacher at Sunrise School and mother of a handicapped child with a group of other teachers and friends made a decision that would ultimately change the perception of care for disabled children in Bali, especially children with Cerebral Palsy.

We grew from a personal endeavour on Saturday mornings, into an organized community to give our disabled children the best available care and the opportunity to grow and develop to their fullest capabilities. It started with one classroom on Saturdays then 2 more classrooms were built for the MTC children, which unfortunately burned down soon after. With great determination, Co-founder Susanna Roziadi took it upon herself to start over and with the fundraiser event she hosted and family and friends’ incredible support, enough money was raised to construct what is today the MTC Centre.

MTC –Matahari Terbit Centre – came to life next door to Sunrise school (although they are not affiliated they do provide much support), hired a special education teacher and solicited a group of dedicated volunteers to assist us in fulfilling our goal to cultivate the fire of compassion. From these humble beginnings, MTC was born. What first began as an outreach program to include friends and families with disabled children who couldn’t find appropriate care for them, expanded into a genuine desire to include, educate and provide tools for low income families in Bali.

MTC has established itself as a leader in the disability community and as a strong voice for individuals with disabilities and their families. We are dedicated to offering a comprehensive solution – including rehabilitative, educational, creative, holistic and social services – in a dignified, warm and loving atmosphere that recognizes them as individuals with abilities, feelings and needs shared by all human beings

List of our Contributor

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Jari Menari translates to 'Dancing Fingers', which describes the flow of fingers during this effective massage.The Massage and Training Center opened in August 2001. They have been generous in hosting a charity event, they sell the children's artwork and also sell Cinta kasih Jewellery which a generous percentage is donated towards MTC from the sales.


Sophie Digby and her friends raised Rp. 4.600.000 and AUS$ 50. She is now looking for monthly donations and a possible rotary fundraise. Also plans to have an MTC article in the next edition of the Yak.

Silvana, Stephano, Manuela, Tiziana, Paula, Gigi

A group of friends from Italy decided to get together and put in the money to sponsor the kids. - for Komang and Revo to join daily with fauzi in starlight anak for one year

Yali Gideon

Donated new t-shirts for the children. They where given to the children as a gift for valentines day.


This Media Service for Charity / Movement (Non Profit) organization has been gracious to prepare the new MTC website.

Sunrise School

SUNRISE SCHOOL Sunrise School offers a unique and inspirational setting for learning. With a lush green campus and programs focusing on sustainability, they balance a holistic education with a progressive one, and maintain high academic standards. They are donating towards payment for the lunches of the MTC children starting February 2017. We trust that the MTC children and parents will


Is a school for special education for children with disabilities. They are generously contributing on a monthly basis to MTC with Rp. 1 million. They work very closely with MTC


has made new shoe racks and bag hangers for MTC children out of bamboo. MTC bought the bamboo and his labour was the donation.


Strive to offer healthy homemade meals that satisfy all dietary persuasions. They deliver meals and groceries within a certain radius from each of their outlets. They have been a strong supporter of MTC. Their ongoing monthly contributions have helped in the growth of MTC


They have been a strong supporter of MTC. Their ongoing monthly contributions have helped in the growth of MTC


has created an e-voucher that will go on the website too that people can give as gifts to friends and the donations go to MTC.


Almost twenty years in the business, BIASA has grown to become one of the most established and unique fashion brands on the island of Bali with an international following spanning across the globe. They have been a strong supporter of MTC. Their ongoing monthly contributions have helped in the growth of MTC


Jason and his friends have raised Rp. 3.700.000 and he too is looking for more donation