This Edition We Have Leandra & Loran

This Edition We Have Michaela
February 27, 2017


This edition we have Leandra & Loran : This beautiful married couple, who come from a family background working for years as professionals in the health sector (such as paramedics, doctors, nurses), have been traveling to Bali for the last 19 years. Their friend from Jakarta introduced them to Indonesia and they could not get enough of Bali’s charms. When they first set their feet on Bali “ ..the ground was shaking like a drum…we looked at each other and said – wow, the heartbeat of Bali welcomes us. One day we will live on this Island.” It took many years for their dream to realize and when it did the distinct aromas and sights of Bali such as incense burning, clove cigarettes, offerings, the temples, colours, the way light breaks on the surface of the waves, made them feel

at home. So for the past 15 months it has been and during that time they discovered MTC through a friend that spoke impassionedly about the children, and what the centre has to offer to them. That’s when they decided they would like to provide their healing skills to enhance the children’s treatments for

improvement. As volunteers they feel this experience gives them just as much happiness to see the love, the smiles the children offer constantly. With such an impressive CV under their belts of 20 years as alternative holistic practitioners, and being reiki masters as well working all around Europe as spiritual healers, they are an invaluable asset to the selfless volunteer team at MTC.

We would also like to thank Adi and Eka from the Bali Physiotherapy Association for offering their time and skills.

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