February 27, 2017
Celebral Palsy
February 27, 2017

Gede Eka Putrawan is one feisty boy with such zest for life. He is the oldest of three at 17 years of age to a brother and sister. His mother dedicates herself to her children with utmost selflessness and does this mostly by herself, always putting Gede Eka’s wellbeing in the forefront.The father makes sure to try and make ends meet as a sailor, sometimes being away for over 6 months, while the rest of the family live in Klungkung.

As supportive as they are it is very time consuming the care provided. By chance around five years ago they knew a staff at YPAC where Pak Fauzy (Head Therapist and Coordinator) used to volunteer as well. They were introduced and since then they have been visiting MTC. The progress that Gede Eka has made in the past few years is tremendous.

The therapy given to him has given him a sense of ambition to improve every time. When he first arrived mobility was very limited and through the years he became more confident, to a point where recently he is beginning to try to walk with help. What an achievement! After that the mother also mentioned how surprised and happy she was to see him attempting to move from one room to the other because he noticed his mother was very tired.

During our Happy Therapy Day (saturdays) in our morning circles he loves to listen to the singing and clapping, although it is difficult for him to participate he actively makes movements and smiles joyously. At MTC we provide ongoing care for the children, with the therapies and activities to stimulate their motor skills. Improvements are always recorded and we could not be more proud of Gede Eka. We appreciate any help and contributions.

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