Celebral Palsy

February 27, 2017
This Edition We Have Meilin
February 27, 2017

Cerebral Palsy (CP) often problems include: poor coordination, stiff muscles, weak muscles, trouble swallowing or speaking, and tremors, uncontrollable movements among others. There may be problems with sensation, vision and hearing.
At MTC we aim to give children the best care possible. In Bali it is one of few organization of its kind.

All throughout the week there is a tight schedule to assure each child gets special care with our professional physiotherapists, which also includes water therapy. Onsaturdays the “Happy Therapy Day” from 9-12 is when the creative juices are flexed. Our teacher Pak Wempy, with the help of a volunteer, keeps it always stimulating with crafts, music and cognitive exercises, which is usually focused on the needs of each child. Also group therapy concept for each to understand the importance of helping one another.

We also include outdoor activities such as playground play time, or play ball at the soccer field. Most of the organization is based on donations and volunteer work. Once it is lunchtime we have donated
catered food prepared especially for growing children, with plenty of nutrition and proteins. Family members can also join in and enjoy. MTC needs your support! Be part of a great cause, be part of a beautiful family.

A rigorous swimming therapy with the professional guidance of Pak Fauzi helps maintain and improve movements.
Infra red heating Therapy helps stimulate blood circulation and muscle movement.

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